Gold trading platform
based on DLT Technology

Now you can purchase physical gold without the nuisance or handling it, in a fast and secure way.

What is Blockgold?

Blockgold platform is the best place to buy gold bullion in a secure way without the need to physically handle it. By means of technology, your gold ownership is registered in a secure way.

You buy gold. We keep the ownership proof for you.

Why get Blockgold?

Of all the precious metals, gold has been the most popular as a protection means throughout history. Customers generally buy gold as a way of diversifying risk and as a store of value to counteract economical cycles. As any other market, gold market is subject to speculation and volatility. Compared to other precious metals, gold has the most effective safe haven and hedging properties.

You buy gold. We keep the ownership proof for you.

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How it works?

Buying gold becomes a smooth and straightforward process through Blockgold´s online platform. By means of top-notch technologies like DLT(*), your gold ownership is registered in a secure way. With Blockgold, you own the gold. We keep it safe for you.

(*)DLT is a distributed ledger that stores information about value transactions in an inmutable, hack-proof way. Blockgold uses this DLT technology to secure your gold assets.


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Frequently Asked Question

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Blockgold is a product who is backed by 24K gold bar. When acquiring a unit of Blockgold, you are acquiring 1 gr of 24K gold in property.

In order to to acquire your first blockgold units, you just have to register and complete the information required in your profile. Once done, you can purchase the blockgold units through the different payment options that you will find on the platform. Click here to register.

The minimum amount for the acquisition of Blockgold is the equivalent of 1 unit. Every day we update the price based on the market value of the gold provided by our supplier and we will apply it to the Blockgold units.

Gold is considered the refuge value per excellence on crisis' times and has been yearly revaluated on average between 3.25% and 6.75% during the last 125 years. Through our system, the gold you acquire is publicly registered by DLT, the safest property registration method that currently exists.

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